AKC European Open


Team USA


32 dog & handler teams headed for the European Open in Austria this July

2018 EO

Team Members

Congrats to our 2016 members that won their spots at this years Tryouts!


Small dogs: Bliss & Cassie Schmidt, Sundae & Angie Benacquisto, Mazsi &

Erika Kiss, True & Cassie Schmidt


Medium dogs:  Genny & Alan Benner, Britain & Jen Pinder, Boss & John Nys, Swindle & Abbey Beasley


Large dogs: Fame(US) & Jessica Ajoux, Alibi & Melissa Henning, Tricks & John Nys, Sultan & Patrick Blasland, Rave & Nancy Kemna, Verb & Perry DeWitt , Scram & Renee White, Anwar & Kris Seiter

2017 AKC European Open Team- Italy

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Mini Individual Finalist(s): Cassie Schmidt & Bliss

Midi Individual Finalist(s): Chip Gerfen & Trudi

Large Individual Finalist(s): Tawni Burknap & Jolt



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